Property in "Paradise"

Anna Maria Island

Have you ever thought about it?

  • What about owning your piece of “paradise” in Florida
  • Vacationing in your home by the Gulf or Ocea
  • knowing what you can expect
  • planning your vacation easily
  • the kids just love it
  • enjoy nature at its best
  • deserted dream beaches
  • recreation in the essence
  • Taking a walk on the beach every morning
  • Having breakfast on your porch
  • Use of your property in “paradise” whenever you like
  • Fishing just steps away from where you sleep!

Does your “ OWN PROPERTY IN PARADISE” sound exciting?
Why only dreaming? Make it happen!
How could it work out for You?
Is there any support available to make Your dream come true?
Yes, that’s exactly what we offer to you – we will help you realize possibilities that are distinct, personalized and focused on your specific desires and Goals!

What makes us different to others?

  • 23 years of experience in owning and operating properties in the US as Europeans 
  • profound practical expertise in all relevant areas like research, all phases of purchase,  construction/remodeling, ownership, rental
  • An excellent network and very profound contacts to all trades and services in the Southwest Region of Florida
  • you are talking to somebody who made all these experiences in all areas

Our Offer to you

  • on the spot support in searching and buying your piece of “paradise”
  • individual advisory service regarding funding, negotiating and closing
  • advisory service for modification, remodeling, construction
  • property management and rental marketing of your property on site
  • rental marketing of your property outside the US (or Internationally)

Wouldn’t it be great to own a vacation property which through rental payments will break even regardless if you spend your holidays there or not? If this concept touches, moves and inspires you and sounds like a dream you’d like to pursue, we should talk.


Gulf View Paradise

Beach-Boat Bay Paradise

Sand Dollar Cottage

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